HATSAN is one of the self adequate factories of the world in firearms industry. The production within the border of HATSAN includes, machining of wood, machining of metal parts, heat treatment, coiling, finishing like honing, different types of chemical plating & bluing, injection molding, metal injection, mold making, welding, engraving, barrel drilling & barrel manufacturing, laser marking, laser engraving on wood & metal parts, camouflage coating, assembly, quality assurance testing, test shooting, etc. HATSAN is the only authorized processor of Mossy Oak to camouflage Mossy Oak patterns in Turkey. Only raw material comes to HATSAN and the end product is the high quality & durable product. Raw materials that are used in HATSAN are of very high quality, like Turkish walnut and very high quality steel. HATSAN has a very well established 15000 m² production area, 400 workers and a machine park of total 300 machinery including high-tech Computer Numerical Controlled Machines. HATSAN is the unique air gun manufacturer and the best known shotgun manufacturer of Turkey since 1976. In design and engineering stage of production latest 3-D CAD system is used. All individual synthetic parts, metal parts and assemblies are analyzed through CAE softwares, so that cost elimination and durability are increased. Thanks to up to 5 axis CNC machines all workpieces are machined by the CAM software. HATSAN has the ISO 9001 Certificate and ISO 9001 requirements are strictly followed in all the production & assembly steps HATSAN became very famous in the world with its high quality products and very competitive prices. HATSAN is an export oriented factory and exports 95% of its products to 90 countries around the world. HATSAN products with their very good quality and competitive prices receive a very well acceptance all around the world. Hatsan has enough capability and background to produce any type gun in house. Escort law enforcement shotguns are used by law enforcement forces of many countries. Many well known brands of the world are produced by HATSAN.

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An Edgar Brothers all time best seller! The now famous Model 60S .22 air rifle features Hatsan’s SAS™ shock absorbing system that eliminates the need to use a dampa scope mount because the SAS™ system eliminates the optic damage and creep caused by recoil & vibration. A lot of air gun at a great price. All Hatsan air rifles come with the Edgar Brothers 1 year warranty as standard

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The Hatsan® .22 Model 85 full powered air rifle. Manufactured exclusively for Edgar Brothers there are some obvious must haves including the black synthetic thumb hole stock, factory fitted sound moderator (removable) and easy to use safety switch. All Hatsan air rifles come with the Edgar Brothers 1 year warranty as standard.
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